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Volunteer Safety

We take the safety of our volunteers VERY seriously.  In order to volunteer at a Habitat job site, you must to watch the 15-minute safety video below. 

You will also find other materials and resources about volunteering and volunteer safety below.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions!

Safety Video

Step 1: Construction Safety Training

Please watch the following Safety Video in it's entirety before your scheduled volunteer day.  This is the video that you will acknowledge that you watched on the volunteer registration page.

Step 2: Other Safety Resources

Other Resources
Video Training Series

If you don't have building experience, no worries! Habitat is here to teach you.  The Construction Supervisor on site will show you everything you need to know, BUT if you would like to get a head start on some topics, feel free to click the link below to watch a video series put together by Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity.

Safety Cheat Sheets

We encourage you to print some safety sheets ahead of time to share with your volunteer group in order to be prepared before your build day.  These sheets will go over:

  • What to Wear

  • Lunch/Snacks

  • Other Expectations

Video Training Series

Video Training Series

Safety Cheat Sheets

Safety Cheat Sheets

Click on the photo to download the PDF to print.

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