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neighborhood Glow-up

The Neighborhood Glow-Up Program assists Marion neighbors in "glowing-up" their homes through exterior projects.

Neighborhood Glow-Up has three central focuses:

  • Safety:

    • Functioning Porch Lights​

    • Visible House Numbers

    • Safe, functional infrastructure (clear walking paths to access the home, etc)

  • Exterior Security Needs & Curb Appeal

    • Exterior Paint​

    • Secured Crawl Spaces

    • Functional and Weatherized Entryways

  • Critical Repairs:

    • Using the survey tools, this program also seeks to refer critical home repair needs to other local programs that can solve the need of low income families to preserve and stabilize the current housing stock in Grant County.​



Applying for a project

To begin the process in the Neighborhood Glow-Up Program please fill out this survey.

A NGU Program Manager will call you within 3-5 business days to go over the information you submitted and what the next steps require for your need.

Refer a neighbor for a project

Please fill out this form to refer a neighbor for the program.

A NGU Program Manager will be in contact with the referred neighbor within 3-5 business days to go over the information submitted with the neighbor.

Have questions or need clarity? Please contact a Program Manager:
Lora Lacy | Habitat for Humanity | (765) 662-1552 | Click here to email
Anelese Whitton | Habitat for Humanity | (765) 662-1552 |
Click here to email
Mikayla Marazzi | Affordable Housing Corp | (765) 662-1574 | Click here to email
Kayla Johnson | City of Marion | (765) 382-3797 | Click here to email

Program timeline








Note: The deadline for your project to be included in Neighborhood Glow up is March 31, 2022

get involved

Get involved

If you are interested in being involved with this program there are several ways to offer support:

learn more

Understanding the Need & Long-Term Neighborhood Revitalization Goals:

Affordable Housing Corporation, City of Marion Neighborhoods, and Habitat for Humanity of Grant County came together in 2020 after identifying gaps in housing and neighborhood needs in Grant County.  Our long-term goal focuses on the long-term outcomes of successful neighborhood revitalization, and having programming that is complimentary to services already offered versus having duplicative programs.  The Neighborhood Glow-Up program seeks to use small scale projects to quickly boost neighborhood morale.  We recognize that Neighborhood Revitalization begins with small projects that incentivizes neighbors to follow suit.

You can read more about our process of coming together in this Chronicle-Tribune article.

The partnership is dedicating the next few months to collecting surveys and program donations, with the goal of carrying-out the “Glow-Up” projects in Spring 2022. “Glow-Up” projects will be carried out in conjunction with the annual City of Marion Neighborhood Cleanups through the City of Marion Maintenance crew and Habitat for Humanity volunteers.

You can see our Neighborhood Revitalization methodology with outcomes using the chart below.  

Feel free to reach out to us directly if you have more questions or need additional clarity.  We will update this page regularly with data we collect using project outcomes. 

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