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The Chiquito Family Groundbreaking Ceremony

On July 7, 2022 Habitat for Humanity of Grant County Inc. held their 56th groundbreaking ceremony. This ceremony served as the start of a beautiful journey towards homeownership.

During the ceremony family and friends wrote encouraging messages and scriptures on studs. These studs will be built into the home as a reminder of all the people who love and support this family. Habitat strives to help local families who need a 'hand-up'. Celeste Chiquito has been waiting for an opportunity to provide safe housing for her children. "This is all I have ever wanted for my kids and I never thought it was possible," says Celeste Chiquito.

Habitat is pleased to announce that the Chiquito Family home will be completely ADA Compliant. Celeste's daughter Ayla will now be able to easily access any room in her home, safely. Her sons Jose, Angel, and Martin will now be able to have their own space. Living in safe, decent, and affordable housing is something that should not be sacrificed for other needs. At Habitat we believe everyone deserves adequate and affordable housing no matter who you are. Habitat will begin construction later this month and we are thrilled to be able to assist this family by providing decent and affordable housing through a zero percent interest mortgage. We look forward to watching this family grow throughout our program.

Together we can build great things!

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