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Warehouse Cleanout

As a Board, we know, sometimes, good ideas don't work out as planned. With time, comes making decisions and changes that benefit the organization and the community. Over the past year, we realized that we needed to regroup and revamp our organization to become stronger and provide more for the community. In doing so, we had to make some tough decisions. One of the decisions we had to make was to permanently close our Warehouse on Adams St. This resulted in tackling the disposal of a lot of unusable items.

Blessed by God's timing on a collaboration with United Way of Grant County and Indiana Wesleyan University Football, we were able make real progress in filling over 10 dumpsters in two hours today! We cannot express our overwhelming gratitude for all of the hard work from the 130 players and coaches that came out today to help!

Shout-out to JD Hodge and Central Indiana Waste for quickly swapping out dumpsters and Domino's Pizza for allowing us to add to our order last minute for a total of 100 pizzas! Thanks to Ryan at Fastenal for the work gloves and safety glasses, as well.

We also have a phenomenal working board who spent so much time organizing for this and working alongside the football players.

We are so excited for the tremendous progress we are making and can't wait to share our journey as we focus on our mission to build homes and partner with more families in Grant County!

Stay tuned!

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